I am a PhD student in History at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. I work primarily in twentieth-century U.S. history, with an emphasis on subjects related to religion. Particular interests include histories of interreligious dialogue/collaboration and ecumenism, as well as all things related to the long 1960s — especially the period’s social/political movements and rich cultural bloom.

Using Chicago as a case study, my dissertation-in-progress looks at the relationship between “traditional” religious institutions/persons and various aspects of “the Movement” in the long 1960s. In particular, I am trying to trace how different Movement participants, both individuals and groups, thought about and interacted with churches, members of the clergy, and self-identified religious organizations as they engaged in their activism, and how they perceived the role of those groups within Movement activity. In the process, I try to ask some difficult questions about how religion was (re)imagined, and how religious authority was constructed, by different groups in the same space (metropolitan Chicago).

My wife and I live in Lafayette with our cat, among stacks of books that are constantly growing and an always flowing stream of music. I can be reached at dburrows AT purdue.edu.

[Note: While this blog primarily addresses matters of academic and professional interest, it is intended to be both a professional and personal space, and thus occasionally includes commentary on literature, music, current events, etc.]

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