I am a PhD student in History at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. I work primarily in twentieth-century U.S. history, with an emphasis on subjects related to religion. Particular interests include all things related to the long 1960s — especially the period’s social/political movements and rich cultural bloom — as well as histories of interreligious dialogue/collaboration and pluralism, urban cultural and political history, and the function of religious discourse in the public square. I can be reached at dburrows AT purdue.edu.

Using Chicago as a case study, my dissertation-in-progress looks at the relationship between “traditional” religious institutions/persons and various aspects of “the Movement” in the long 1960s. In particular, I am trying to trace how different Movement participants, both individuals and groups, thought about and interacted with churches, members of the clergy, and self-identified religious organizations as they engaged in their activism, and how they perceived the role of those groups within Movement activity. In the process, I try to ask some difficult questions about how religion was (re)imagined, and how religious authority was constructed, by different groups in the same space (metropolitan Chicago). In July 2015, I began blogging through my dissertation’s progress. You can read the introductory post here, or click on the “Blogging the Diss” tag to your right to see a list of all my dissertation-related posts.

My wife and I live in Lafayette with our cat, among stacks of books and records that are constantly growing. While this blog primarily addresses matters of academic and professional interest, it is intended to be both a professional and personal thinkspace. Material here runs the gamut from links of academic interest to blogging about fiction or poetry I’ve read. Here’s hoping that someone out there finds it useful!

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